Some self reflection

Earlier last month, a contest was brewing to be mentored by Paul Randal (b|t).  Yes, THAT Paul Randal of SQLSkills.  Despite knowing my SQL Server level of proficiency, I figured what the heck, it can’t hurt to try and the worst that could happen is I wouldn’t win.  But in Paul’s quirky fashion, everyone won!  That’s right, I am extremely fortunate to be included in the Mentoring Class of 2015 by Paul Randal. I hope to document this experience here.

Now, that all being said, one of the first requirements beyond the obligatory “hellos” was to complete my homework Work Items.  (Eeek gad, homework?  I haven’t heard that word in a long time, not counting my kiddos of course).

They were simple: #1) Who are you? and #2) What do you want help with?  Are they really that simple though? They both all seem simple enough.  All I have to do is provide basic info about me, what I like to do and simple stuff.

It was the second “Work Item” that really got me thinking.  What do I want help with?  Really?  I could write for days where I need help: both professionally, physically, mentally, personally?  But, I didn’t want to scare Paul away so I kept my answer simplified. 

I want to learn! Knowledge is Power! 

Reflecting back on my experiences and then interacting with others in the SQL community has taught me lesson. I am only but a “notch up” from a novice.  There is so much I should learn about SQL.  I always feel like I am a step behind on everything.  I want to catch up. I want to earn my MCSE SQL 2012.  I want to be able to defend my recommendations with facts and documentation.

So Paul, if you are reading this, strap your boots on because this is going to be one hell of ride; I am dedicating the next year to learning as much as I can about SQL Server administration. And hopefully with your guidance, after this year I can say, I am a “real” Database Administrator!

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