Learning about Licensing

So, I was working on a project for my employer trying to determine the best course of action for licensing a new instance of SQL Server (i.e. what is the cheapest way to get it legally).  And I came across something I did not know.

Found deep inside the bowels of a 40 something page document, I learned something new from the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Licensing Guide

SQL Server Developer Edition
SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition is a full-function version of SQL Server software—including all of the features and capabilities of Enterprise Edition—licensed under the Developer Tools model, which is a “per user” model. One license is required for each person that accesses or uses the software.

“Per User” is what I didn’t realize.  If I translate this correctly, I purchase one Developer License and install it on a machine, only I can use it as a development box.  To open it up to a team of developers, each member of the team must purchase a Developer License.  If I have multiple development servers for a multiple person team, this could get expensive.  But hey, it is still cheaper than licensing a server by Cores and most likely cheaper than Server+CAL method.

Write this up as my “learning for the day”!

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