Padre’s Toolbox

I have been working with SQL long enough that I have built my personal “toolbox” for SQL related tools that I use on a regular basis. They range from FREE to minimal cost (by that I mean mostly under $100; yeah, I know I am cheap).

You can find my tools here, Padre’s Toolbox and I hope to keep it updated as I test drive and use more and more different SQL programs.  For now, I will briefly introduce my favorite tools (in no particular order).  In the future, I hope to write a post on how and why I am using these tools.

SQL CoPilot

Since my initial review of this software, Richard Fryar has even further enhanced his product to include Query Plan analysis. 

SQL Server First-Aid Kit

This is from Brent Ozar Unlimited.  Enough Said! You not only get their excellent diagnostic scripts, but e-books, whitepapers, and posters Oh My!

DMV Diagnostic Queries

Here is the most recent iteration of Glenn Berry’s fantastic information queries.  Glenn has been providing these since SQL 2005 and if SQL stores the information, these queries will find it!

Idera Free Tools

A collection of free SQL tools, I find my self using these more and more for “spot checking” issues or problems.


Not technically a SQL Tools, but as a DBA we have to sometimes manage the OS itself.  This tool is crucial for me to be able to remote into multiple servers without having to minimize RDP session to switch between servers.

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer

My newest tool in my arsenal, is one that quite frankly scared the hell out of me at first.  Just like Cache Plans in general. But I am mudding through the learning process and I am coming to rely more and more on this program.  I haven’t purchased the “Pro” version yet, so I am still evaluating the usefulness of this program and see if I can justify the cost to my “powers-that-be”

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