And the Winner Is……..?

Last night, I got to “present” for the first time at the Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group (@BRSSUG).  In a not so normal fashion, we played an electronic version SQL Jeopardy that I created.

Not trying to be “vain”; but I think a lot of people had fun.  A couple of people learned some things and I most of all, learned very valuable lessons.

Lessons Learned

  1. Just because this was not a “real” presentation, I still need to spell check!
  2. The animations and audio built into the program was a hit!  It seems the simplest things make people smile.
  3. Be sure to double check my facts before including them in the game.

Of course I also learned a lot of SQL information putting the game together.  I had fun, it was enjoyable and hopefully it can become a reoccurring event at User Group meetings.

Version 2.0

I hope to create a next version with and Administration Section so one can mange the Categories, Questions, and answers.  Also would like to figure out a way to keep score.

Until Next time…

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