SQL User Group (@BRSSUG)

Tonight, I am doing my first presentation at a SQL User Group, the Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group (@BRSSUG) . But in my quirky unusual fashion, I am not “presenting” a topic and this is not your typical presentation.

Following the idea of Jeremy Kadlec, I am hosting SQL Jeopardy

Step 1: Create a type of “game board” so to speak.  I had to present this in a fashion that would be memorable and easy to work with.  Drawing on my experience as a .NET programmer, I developed an interactive Jeopardy game board, complete with sounds. Here’s a sneak peak:



Step 2: With the help of our local User Group President, William Assef (@william_a_dba), we developed the 51 questions needed for the game.  I chose to store them in a local SDF database for portability. I tried my best to fashion the Answer/Questions in the same manner as Jeopardy, i.e. providing the answer so the player was required to state their response in the form of a Question.  It was hard, and some of the question I have can’t be done that way, version 2.0 will hopefully correct this. 

Step 3:  Test, Test, Test.  I am not the most efficient typist and if it wasn’t for spell check, I would probably come across as an idiot, so I had to review, review, and review the entries to be sure I had them all correctly spelled and the Answers / Questions were all correct and factual.

Step 4:  GAME ON! 


Tomorrow I will let you all know how it went and how it was received.  My future plans are to create the “admin” side of the game board so the questions and answers can be edited, changed and tailored to individual group’s needs as well as making the categories editable.  Because of time constraints, all the categories and Answer/Questions are hard coded in either the forms or SDF database.



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