Hostile Takeover

On September 10th, I will be presenting at the Baton Rouge SQL Server Users Group (@BRSSUG) on a topic that is near and dear to me.

Since becoming the DBA at Woman’s Hospital a year ago, I have used these techniques and processes almost every day in taking “ownership” of over 90 SQL Server instances. After a year, I still have some instances I have to “deal with”; but I am using these steps to implement my “Hostile takeover”!

I will be discussing my tips, processes and SQL tools I use to gather as much information about the SQL Server instances that I have now become administrator.

I will upload my slide deck after the presentation and will give a debriefing here.

BTW, this is my 2nd time presenting to the User Group, maybe next time I will update my SQL Jeopardy and we can play again!

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