SQL Padre’s Monitoring Solution–Intro

As time goes by and software evolves, SQL Monitoring solutions are becoming more and more robust and more and more effective. Two of my favorite solutions Red-Gate’s SQL Monitor 3.0 and Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager.  Yes they are direct competitors, but I tested beta version, trial versions and I think both solutions are stellar. However, as time goes on and as the economy continues to struggle, businesses are showing more and more reluctance on buying “un-necessary” 3rd party software.  Of course “un-necessary” is a relative term, some of us DBA find these types of software critical for 24 x7 operations.

So in an endeavor to provide some of their functionality, I am planning on building my own SQL monitoring solution.  Yes I know many have done such things, but call it a personal mission that I have wanted to accomplish for some time.

The hardest part was to determine if I wanted a SQL Solution (SSIS, SSRS) or a application solution (.NET, web GUI, application GUI, windows services, etc.).  I believe I am going to make a hybrid of the two.  I hope to use SSIS,  custom stored procedures, SQL Agents jobs to collect data and store that data in a database.  Then create a .NET 4.0 Web Application leveraging SSRS technology as well. If the Web app, is on a public server, or in the DMZ, then theoretically it could be available away from the office as well!

In the next chapter, I will map out the very basic information I want to collect from a MS SQL Server Instance and provide the T-SQL to get that information.

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