Playing with SQL 2012…(and a rookie mistake)

So I thought I would install SQL 2012 Express with Advanced Services on a Windows 2008 R2 box in the hopes of playing with the new edition and using it as a platform for a new SQL Monitor Solution I am building.

First thing I learned, the hard way, was .NET 3.5 SP1 (which is required for SQL 2012) is not “enabled” by default on Windows 2008. It is installed, but not enabled.  Open System Manager and find “Features”.  Click “Add New Feature” and select .NET 3.5.  This will prompt you to enable IIS and all associated features need to enable .NET 3.5.

Once this pre-requisite was “installed” installation of SQL Express went without a hitch.  I used default settings in most places, except for Service Account information.  I setup a domain service account to run the SQL Services.  All was good.

I then opened SQL Server Configuration Manager to enable TCP/IP connection so I could have remote access.  Except one simple problem, I couldn’t connect.  I double checked all my steps, and still could not connect.  After some “Bing”-ing (I dislike that G company), I realized my “rookie mistake”.  Thanks to this 7 YEAR OLD blog post, realized I forgot to enable SQL Browser.

Silly, silly me!

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