MS SQL Reporting Services 2005 and Host Headers

MS SQL Reporting Services is a very valuable and powerful reporting engine; however, “personalizing” or “branding” it is not the easiest task.  The following MSDN article was very helpful in configuring SSRS using a DNS Alias and a host header in an intranet domain.

The key to this is to create the Web Site first using the DNS alias, with port 80.  Then using RS Configuration Tool, create a new “Report Server Virtual Directory” Site and a new “Report Manager Virtual Directory” based off the new site you have created.  The RS Configuration will automatically create the necessary virtual directories for the Report Services to work.

Now that I had all the configurations done, I opened my web browser entered the new URL and….nothing.  Then I realized that the actual Report Server is a virtual directory of the website I just created, not the ROOT website.  So I then added a simple index.htm page to redirect to the virtual directory.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

That did it!  Now my SQL Reporting Services worked using a DNS alias, mapped to a IIS website configured to use Host headers.

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