Newest Project: Text “parsers” for MS Word, WordPerfect®, RTF, HTML, PDF, & Excel Documents

Well, I have taken on a major upgrade, this month.  The Project is a “resume" storage applications that takes common  documents and “parses” the text so it can be inserted into a SQL table as text.  The Parsers must strip out all “non printable characters”, white space, headers, footers, etc.

The php version, uses regular expressions and common string functions to manipulate the “garbage” out of the documents so all that is left is the written text. As I am not completely fluent in Regular Expressions, this is somewhat of a “troublesome” project.

More to follow………..

ASP.NET CMS Software

As a need for a CMS (Content Management System) has evolved on an ASP.NET platform, I noticed that there are not a great deal of choices (at least the open source kind).

But I did find a "jewel" that I think will provide all the necessary elements of a good CMS that is exclusively for ASP.NET hosting platforms.

mojoPortal is what I have found.

Has anyone else had any success or failures with mojoPortal?

I will soon update my blog to let you now how simple the installation was or was not.